Waterwell lane

Sat 4th June

Had a drive out to Ancaster to see if any quail could be heard. Soon after I got there an osprey flew overhead, going east. Around a dozen corn buntings were seen, some very close up. Lots of skylarks too. Five yellow wagtails, an oystercatcher, 2 mistle thrushes, some red legged partridges and six buzzards showed. It had begun to warm up a little, at last. A painted lady butterfly was enjoying the sunshine. About an hour after first seeing the osprey I found it again, just resting in the middle of a large field where it sat for the next couple of hours. I couldn’t get close as it was on private land. My photos were taken through the ‘scope at 60X and with the camera maxed up. Still little more than a dot, nice scope views though.


A new one for the year. Lincs yearlist now 202 (BOU), 207 (UK400).


4 thoughts on “Waterwell lane

  1. Interesting that an Osprey would choose to sit on a ploughed field, but I had one on a similar field 3 years ago a few miles north on the High Dyke close to Byards Leap. Nobody believed me!

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