After a morning of doing chores, (Sainsburys special of the week was a red kite over the car park) I headed to Bassingham, where a great grey shrike had been seen. Along with Lincoln area birders Andy Sims, Rick Bennet and Mark Paver we spread out but didn’t locate it. These birds sometimes range over a wide area, so it’s likely to be still there. One was reported at nearby Blackmoor over a month ago, most probably the same bird.

Did see a few bits and bobs. An area with lots of pheasant cover was attracting lots of finches. Thirty odd yellowhammers, sixty chaffinches, twenty reed buntings, four bullfinches, goldfinches, linnets, scores of woodpigeons, a few stock doves, three buzzards and lots of roving fieldfares made things interesting. A late, late peacock butterfly fluttered by. Andy and Rick found fourteen tree sparrows.

On the way back I called in at you know where-yer, Marston stw. I ought to just sell up and buy a tent, eh? Three grey partridges fed close to the car park. The usual water rails and grey wagtails showed, along with a little egret. Approx. a thousand starlings gathered, prior to roosting, and looked great against a nice sunset. 160 lapwings flew over the starlings.



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