More MSTW goodies.

MSTW 09/09/2013

Had a little look this morning which turned into almost a whole day affair. Lots of small passerines around, following a cool night with a bit of rain.

A treecreeper was with a large tit flock, just up from the car park. A second treecreeper was with another tit flock along the riverside.

Eight species of warbler noted, ringer KB having a very busy morning. I’m grateful to him for driving to find me to show me this cetti’s, which Keith deduced to be a juvenile female. We were only just discussing that they’d been quit for a while. A nice little LBJ if ever there was one.


At the edge of the works compound down Mill Lane a couple of spotted flycatchers were the first I’ve seen at Marston this year. They were hanging out with a couple of lesser whitethroats.

On the scrape was a little egret, with a second (or same one),on the river later.

Heard my first water rails of the season in the reedbed.

Best bird of the day was a raven over the works at 1.30,heading towards the Belton area.

There were hundreds of swallows and house martins, with a few sand martins.

Graham Welch has been doing a sterling job of clearing the vegetation around the scrape. I must do a bit more myself soon. Without this work even the scrape would now be almost un-viewable.


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