Local whinchats and wheatears…

Area 51 this morning 29/08/2013

This morning Spadge picked me up,our mission was to go and slap some paint on the new hide at ‘area 51’,the m o d site that we have access to,just outside town.We met up with DM and JS and got  the job done in a jiffy.

We couldn’t resist a spot of birding,I predicted whinchat,the habitat is absolutely sock-on and we located at least four birds,along with a couple of wheatears.A yellow wagtail was nearby with half a dozen pieds.I think David and Joe got a couple of photos which they may publish later.

A red kite was noted,Spadge not yet making a visit without seeing one of these beauts.

4 thoughts on “Local whinchats and wheatears…

  1. Just to put anyone in the picture regarding Spadge’s ‘firecrest 100’ comment.We joked (or maybe wer’e serious?) that we may have a sweep at guessing the 100th bird seen at the site.We may be in for a bit of a wait though,as the list is only about 60ish at the mo! Anyway I’m going for pink footed goose.We are allowed another guess if the bird is seen before we get to 100.Making the rules up as we go along.Dave.

  2. Very nice work guys ! I would think Wryneck is a distinct possibility at the minute with outside chance of Short Toed Lark 😉

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