Local area 21/12/2012

Local area 21/12/2012

Went out for a walk with the dog and ended up being out for four and a half hours,blow the Christmas shopping.Firstly we called at a very muddy Denton res,where it was full to the brim (with water,not birds).There were lots of pochards,tuftys,wigeon,coots and some cormorants.2 marsh tits showed well,calling.

We then had a look at Harlaxton manor lake but there was next to nowt there.We were even muddier by now and so called in at Marston,where the now obligatory cetti’s warblers and water rails were giving it some voice.2 pinkfeet were hanging out with the greylags.Down the main track I spotted Alex Lees,home for Christmas from Brazil.It was good to catch up as we chatted about the past glories of Marston.Alex said he would like to see pics of the 2010 spotted crake so I told him I’d put them on here.



You’ll probably gather now why my pics never made the Lincs annual bird report for that year.Personally I like this kind of (in the field-enter the bird’s world) type pics,you get a feel for the situation and the site.It looked fantastic in real life,though.





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