Lincs Bird Sightings


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  1. Hi All.
    Following up on a report of a dipper in Greetwell Hollow from yesterday spent 2 hours checking the stream but no success, but a few things of note.
    Yellowhammer at least 4 prs
    Bullfinch lots of 1s-3s m&f total c20
    Fieldfare 3
    Long tailed tit as bullfinches
    Song thrush
    Collared dove a rare bird for the hollow

    On the walk in
    Tree sparrow 2 nest site prospecting on the winter stream.
    60+ Mpipit and suspect water or even rock as well, quite a bit of pink floating around.but could’nt be too sure as I only had bins as I was exploring in thick undergrowth. These were around the public footpath in the old quarry.

  2. 01.03
    Laughton : 1300 – 1600

    Buzzard – 6
    Grey Heron – 1
    GSW – 1

    East Butterwick – 1610

    Kestrel – 2


  3. Further to a web report of Bramblings in the Market Stainton Hall area, I visited the village this morning (Fri).

    I eventually located a group of 12 – 15 Bramblings feeding on the mast in a Beech in front of the Church at the road T-junction.

    Also :

    Mistle Thrush
    Song Thrush
    c. 10 Fieldfares.


  4. black and white crow
    Saw the piebald/leucistic crow again yesterday,first sighting for just over a year. It was like seeing an old friend.It’s been around for years,I’m assuming it’s the same individual.This time it was near the recycling facility at Caythorpe,about 5 miles from where I saw it last at Ancaster.
    Would like to get a photo,but I only see it when I’m working,didn’t have camera.It’s a corker, when I first saw it flying, gull,pigeon,and barn owl all went through my mind,’till I got closer.


  5. Egyptian Goose on Tar Lane Pond – viewed through trees from road
    Buzzard – 10 in the air at the same time over Belmont tower and Hanging Wood
    Green Woodpecker – 3
    Jay – 3
    Tawny Owl – 2 heard
    Willow Tit 4
    Long-tailed Tit – 5


  6. cetti’s at barton
    A male cetti’s warbler this morning on Water’s Edge and also a grey wagtail.

    Andy Sharp

  7. Colour ringed Yellow legged Herring gull
    Ringing details of this old money ‘omissus’….i’ve always been interested in the origins of these birds although some are better candidates than others. Pic taken at Hykeham on 8th Feb during the cold snap which brought several of these yellow legged birds in to Eastern Britain…

    Ringing Data

    Ring number: HT260479
    Species: Herring Gull Larus argentatus wing – 430.0mm weight – 920.0g
    Sex: Female
    Age: Full-grown, hatched before 2004
    Ringing date: 29.05.2007
    Ringing place: RUOVESI, HAME, FINLAND
    Coordinates: 61′ 51′ N 23′ 52′ E
    Status: Healthy, wild bird
    Catching method: Caught at nest
    Ringer: ASKO PURO, HINTALANTIE 297, 35710 VIRRAT

    Recovery Data

    Verification of the ring: Number not verified
    Species: Herring Gull
    Age: Full-grown hatched before 2010
    Recovery date: 08.02.2012
    Coordinates: 53′ 11′ N 0′ 36’ W
    Status: Alive
    Recovery Code: bird identified from coloured or numbered legrings
    Additional Comments: Yellow C02CN

    Elapsed time: 4 years, 8 months, 10 days
    Distance: 1738 km; direction WSW from ringing place

    Previous reports

    Tampere, Finland 06.07 – 21.07.2007
    Tampere, Finland 22.03 – 15.06.2008
    Nokia, Finland 29.03 – 18.04.2009
    Tampere, Finland 30.05.2009
    Tampere, Finland 18.07.2010

    End Report

    Dean Nicholson

  8. Attached are details of Common Gull seen at Boultham mere, as you can see it was ringed in Norway in 2006 and has previously been at Boultham mere in 2009:-

    CR-Code White ring with black code: J86L LBWN(J86L);RBM
    Ringing Centre Stavanger Museum (Norway) Ring number 5139758
    Species Common Gull Larus canus
    Sex Unknown Age Pullus

    Date Place Coordinates Observers Days/km/°
    06.07 2006 Gismerøya, Mandal, Vest-Agder, Norway 58°00’52″N 007°28’37″E Jørgensen, Finn –
    03.03 2009 Boultham Mere, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Great Britain 53°13’49″N 000°34’04″W Nicholson, Dean 971/733/226
    10.08 2009 Gismerøya, Mandal, Vest-Agder, Norway 58°00’52″N 007°28’37″E Jørgensen, Finn 1131/0/0
    08.05 2010 Mandalselva Øvrebyen, Mandal, Vest-Agder, Norway 58°01’43″N 007°27’49″E Helberg, MortenNilsson, Anna 1402/2/333
    27.05 2010 Gismerøya, Mandal, Vest-Agder, Norway 58°00’52″N 007°28’37″E Helberg, Morten 1421/0/0
    16.07 2010 Gismerøya, Mandal, Vest-Agder, Norway 58°00’52″N 007°28’37″E Helberg, Morten 1471/0/0
    05.05 2011 Årøy, Mandal, Vest-Agder, Norway 58°01’56″N 007°28’46″E Bentsen, ThomasMaløya Torland, Klaus 1764/2/4
    06.05 2011 Hageland, Årøy, Mandal, Vest-Agder, Norway 58°02’02″N 007°29’03″E Bentsen, ThomasMaløya Torland, Klaus 1765/2/11
    24.02 2012 Boultham Mere, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Great Britain 53°13’49″N 000°34’04″W Sims, Andy 2059/733/226

    Andy Sims

  9. Marston
    2 Green Sandpiper , 5 Shoveler, 3 Water Rail & 2 Little Grebe the highlights at Marston this afternoon.

    Shame I missed the Raven and Red Kite !


    1. Highlights today were 3 Little Egret on the scrape, several Water Rail in the reedbed and flooded fields, A single Oystercatcher in the paddock with 10 Curlew & 50 Redwing.


  10. 3 SEO’s & 1 Hen Harrier seen at Dunsby this afternoon from about 3.30pm, all showed on & off for around 45 mins.

    On way home 2 Red Kite’s seen above the A52 between the Ropsley & the High Dyke turn offs.

    Steve Nesbitt

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