Marston lesser whitethroat

I discovered this little beaut with a tit flock at the works the other day, it’s almost certainly of an Eastern form. It promptly flew to the private area, strictly no access but I did get temporary permission. Its an absolute blighter to get on to for more than split seconds, flitting about as if on steroids, feeding madly with goldcrests and up to five chiffys. I have managed one very short video, the above photos are video stills.

It has brown upperparts, the section just behind the nape looking very sandy coloured. Underparts are buffy/off white, contrasting strongly with the white throat and it has a fairly well defined mask. The bird appeared to look very sleek and slim at times with the tail seemingly very long. Havn’t heard it call. Although my assessment is made up from the many glimpses and ‘bits’ of the bird I keep getting, the whole general appearance is different to the summer birds normally seen. The short video can be viewed on utube, To view search: Lesser whitethroat at Marston Feb 2017


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