Glaucous gulls

Visited Cotham landfill, just over the border, in Notts. this morning, the tip here has been producing some good gulls lately. There were thousands of gulls to look through. If you can put up with the methane gas filling your lungs, it’s enjoyable viewing from here, accessed from the cycle track. The tip is still very active, unlike most of the ones in Lincs. It wasn’t long before a glaucous gull showed. One became two, then three! They were all first winters, one of the birds was a classic biscuit colour, the other two a bit whiter. Stonking birds, similar in size to great-black backeds.

See site regular Nick Crouch’s excellent blog for regular news and more on this great site;

After the morning at the tip, a quick look at Kilvington lakes gave me good views of two short-eared owls.


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