Waxwing Lyrical

From January 1st to date (February 5th) 2017 I have managed to see the wonder that is Bohemian Waxing in 4 separate places, Loughborough, Derby, Harworth and finally today (February 5th) Grantham my home town, over 4 counties in fact Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and finally today Lincolnshire.

Some conditions for viewing these birds was variable from gloomy, misty days to glorious sunshine as you will clearly be able to work out from the photos below.

Loughborough in early January was the first time seeing and photographing these birds since November 2013, so a long time to enjoy the delights these birds bring so many people. Around 20 birds had been seen on a regular basis and so time was made to see if images could be obtained and on a lovely day with the winter sun receding slowly I got a few pics.

My next encounter was only 4 days later when only 1 mile from my office in derby a small group of birds were reported on Birdguides as hammering the berries in a small side road that was pretty close to the city center, this day when on the way home was a dark and gloomy visit and the difference good light makes to a photograph (of any sort) can be clearly seen when comparing my images in this post.

2 Weeks later again while travelling home this time down the A1 an alert on my phone came through Waxwings only about a 20 minute detour away, so I had to take a look didn’t I? A little studying of the group of 15 birds behavior soon lead me to the rowan tree they were feeding on and from my car I sat and awaited their return visits after 2 local bullish Mistle Thrushes had scared them away even if only temporarily.

As I write this on the 5th of February I can inform you me mate and specialist bird finder Dave Roberts (spotting birds even when shopping!) sent me a text simply saying “WAXWINGS ALDI NOW!’ a quick check with my wife ‘Sunday dinner be ready about 12.30pm’ so off I went and to match up the sunny day sightings with the gloomy day sightings to a 2-2 draw you can see the images I achieved today, the birds only came down to feed a couple of times in the hour I was watching them with them disappearing from the area totally a couple of times.

With the numbers around the country at the moment I remain hopeful of more time spent with these wonderful visitors to our shores and with Dave R as your ‘wingman’ (pardon the pun!) I don’t think I can go wrong.

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