WOW white buzz

I met a birder at Marston at the weekend who informed me of a white buzzard near Grantham. I assumed that he’d seen one of the pale morph birds that frequent the area, but following further discussion it sounded more like a leucistic individual. He told me it looked more like a gyr than anything! This sounded interesting, I took a look this morning and found it straight away. The bird was at some distance but wasn’t hard to spot. It must be one of the best looking leucistic birds I’ve ever seen, almost totally white apart from a couple of darker feathers in the wing, beak and legs yellow, eye really stands out. It was very murky, dull and misty, the bird was a long way off, but it stuck out like a saw thumb! Apparently my birding friend had been seeing this beaut for almost a couple of years. I will be going back to try and get some better photos as soon as poss.

Location: Minor road called Gorse Lane, running from Grantham to Croxton Kerrial. Bird is in the area around the  junction with the Drift, which is also the Viking way. About one mile from Croxton. West of the Viking way is Leicestershire.


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