Weds 2nd Nov. 2016

Covenham res.   After suffering a breakdown on the way over, (not me, the car!), I arrived much later than planned. I’m glad to say I wasn’t about to have a nervous breakdown, brought on by twitching, dipping, being gripped and generally getting frustrated at not seeing birds that could/should be added to my yearlist. It does lead to a bit of nervous tension at times, though it never lasts for long. It’s all mega enjoyable, really.

With a new fan belt ordered and fitted and my wallet a little lighter I was on my way but managed just an hour on site, as I had to be back home early afternoon. Thankfully the purple sandpiper was soon on show, providing great views along the south shoreline. A very smart bird indeed. A couple of whoopers swam majestically on the res.

Upon arriving back home, the word was that the American wigeon had been sighted again. Where? I here you ask. Only at flippin’ Coveham! How the hell did I miss that? (don’t answer that!). I went for this one a fortnight ago, following the only previous report but there was no sign. I did do a quick scan of the ducks today. Hey, maybe I will have that twitchy, dippy, grippy breakdown after all! Hopefully I’ll still get another chance with that bird in the very near future. Hope you like the purp pics.


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