Alkborough swampland

Weds 31st Aug.

Couldn’t make it for the western swamp monster the previous afternoon. The news was put out just as I was having an eye examination at the hospital, this resulted in blurred vision and not being able to drive for the next six hours. Sod’s law!Still, eyesight more important than missing a strange bird, eh?

We arrived before first light this morning but I sorta/kinda knew that it wouldn’t be seen again. Never mind. A beautiful sunrise developed. Lots of birders arrived. Lots of birds to be seen. Still 11 spoonbills. 350 avocets. 16 spotted redshanks. A dozen or so bearded tits. Pergrine causing havoc. Where we saw the ruddy shelduck last Saturday, on Whitton sands, there were now four.



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