Inland Waders etc.

18th July. Very hot.

Shearman’s Wath, W Ashby.

Pec sand still present, also snipe, greenshank, 3 green sands, 5 oycs, 25 lapwings, yellow wag.

Kirkby on Bain.

6 green sands, 2 common sands, 50+lapwing, avocet, several oycs, 2 yellow-legged gulls, 2 female garganeys, turtle dove, and…. a whooper swan-very unusual for the time of year. Even more remarkable was an entry in the hide log reading 1 dipper for the previous day. Needless to say we didn’t find it. ( Hope there is one around though, I guess the R. Bain could support one).

Flyby display of lanky bomber, hurricane and spitfire.

Woodhall airfield pits.

2 ringed plover, 10 little-ringed plover inc 5 juvs.,80+ lapwing, 6 black-tailed godwits, 2 green sands, several oycs, yellow wag.


10 curlews, 3 green sands, 3 little-ringed plovers, 25 lapwing, oyc, 4 yellow wags.


Red kite.

Header photo courtesy of Ben Ward. Well spotted by himself, amongst the mutes.

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