Scotland hols

Ardnamurchan peninsular.   Eagles, single track roads, peace, quiet, stunning scenery, lochs, glens, mountains, solitude, a million midges, no hassle.

Our most crazy ‘sighting’ was on our first full day when, upon pulling into a layby in the middle of nowhere Lincolnshire’s very own Simon and Karen Spavin got out of the car in front! Turns out they were staying just a mile from us.

is that a midge on my lens? no it’s an adult white tailed eagle
Can you spot the juv white tailed eagle, perched in this one
sunset from the garden

Our cottage reminded us of that place in Skyfall, it was that remote. From the garden and tracks we saw white-tailed eagles, ospreys carrying fish, hen harrier, merlin, crossbills and lots of commoner species. A pine marten kept nicking our peanut butter bait at night, but it was only seen once.P1060028P1050988P1050999P1060040P1060065P1060035P1060108P1060122P1060118P1060048P1060090P1060075P1060068P1060081P1060107P1060091P1060084P1060104



3 thoughts on “Scotland hols

  1. Brilliant, love that scenery. Once stayed in the Strontian supporting two friends doing the Ardnamurchan to Lowestoft bike ride, two Cuckoos calling outside my window from around 2am!

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