What a beautiful noise.

It’s a beautiful noise

And it’s a sound that I love

And it makes me feel good

Yes it does, yes it does

Well, I’m not really a Neil Diamond fan, but the lyrics to this song were reverberating around my head this afternoon after hearing a turtle dove purring away at Marston. It was really in good voice and was perching along the railway track wires. This is the main east coast London to Edinburgh line, trains were thundering through, the dove flushed up on each passing only to return immediately. Fantastic to once again hear this rapidly declining beauty, now rare here, in line with most places.

Over at the other end of the site the oystercatchers now have just one youngster surviving from the original three. It sure is growing at a great rate now.

At the works a rook was amongst the carrion crow colony, very unusual. A few skylarks are finding the reclaim area to their liking.

Otherwise the site remains pretty quiet, I still haven’t heard a cuckoo yet this year (though I know a couple of people who have). They seem to be going the same way as turtle doves. Marston is usually a reliable site for this species, so very concerning.








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