Outer Hebrides

I’ve recently returned from a week’s trip in the camper to the Outer Hebrides with an old friend. It wasn’t specifically a birding trip as my friend doesn’t really do birds but more of a reunion/relaxation with half and eye kept open for the odd bird or two. We started our the journey with the ferry to Castlebay on Barra and our first night wild camping on the island of Vatersay. We then made our way slowly North through Barra, Eriskay, South Uist, Benbecula, North Uist, Baleshare, Berneray, Harris and Lewis finally sailing from Tarbert to Uig on Skye, then home via the Skye bridge. We did use a couple of organised sites (mainly for the showers) but mainly wild camped. The scenery was unbelievable especially as we had cloudless skies for 95% of the trip, with immense white or golden sand beaches and turquoise waters, all with hardly anybody on them. As far as birds were concerned we saw the usual suspects but missed the Black-billed Cuckoo on North Uist, although the location was overwhelmed with twitchers so we wouldn’t have been able to park anyway. Just by chance we met Dean Eades and his good lady on the ferry to Harris, he had managed to get some good shots of the Cuckoo.

Anyhow a few images of the trip although I must apologise ina advance for the large number of beach/camping shots!

(Click on the image for the full sized version)

South Uist




South Uist




Rock Pipit


Little Tern

Common Gull








Ringed Plover

This one we didn’t expect to see, should have been on the tundra by the end of May? (distant shot includes a dead Guillemot)


All the shot s were taken with only a 300mm lens so not the most detailed.



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