25th May

Last day at Gib/Skeg.

Cold, North wind, rain all day.

Following the previous evenings encouraging seawatch we again headed for the shore after breakfast. This time we watched from the Skegy seafront. What did we get? absolutely zilch. Not a single seabird apart from a couple of herring gulls. Some friendly sanderlings kept us amused.

Nothing was about so we went back to check out Anderby marshes again. A dunlin was with four ringed plovers, the ruff we saw the other day was still there and it had a golden plover with it. This immediately got our attention, it being a late date for the species. Could this be our biggie? possibly a Yank, or a Pacific? We gave it careful observation, getting a good soaking, it did look ‘leggy’ at times and a bit dark. We wanted to see the underwing, but that proved difficult, we eventually saw enough. Sadly it was only a European, probably of the Northern form.


Later we called at Manby, near Louth. Lots of hirundines had attracted the attentions of a hobby.  Snipe, oystercatchers and  a ruff were the only waders we found.

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