Peterborough Red Kites

I had the chance today after my work in Northampton to call in on a spot near Peterborough just off the A1 that I know of as I was passing it on the way home. I arrived at the location and was greeted by at least 8 Red Kites in the air, I pulled into a opening onto a field down a lane and watched the Kites glide quiet high on the thermals. 

After about 15 minutes at this spot the birds did not get as close as desired so I turned and moved to the end of the lane and it was here I saw 2 other photographers with the ‘big’ lenses on their cameras, I pulled over and soon was talking, sharing anecdotes and enjoying seeing and hearing the wonderful experience that up to 15 Red Kites can deliver for you with Maggie and Kat from Bourne.

We chatted while the birds were either too high in the sky or had moved away from our location for a while then when the birds returned we focused on trying to get the ‘perfect image’ us strange photographers aim for (well me anyway)!

A local lady dog walker told Kat that there were 37 Kites in the areas – brilliant that eh?

The birds were calling constantly and grappling with each other in the air on a regular basis too!










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