Subs and intergrades…

Marston Sunday 17th April.

Yellow wagtail count now up to 50+ birds and the first ‘flava’ type so far. Not a straightforward blue-headed, but a ‘channel’ wagtail, an intergrade. Very smart bird indeed. P1050201P1050202There were about 25 white wagtails. Pristine is the word I’d use to describe some of them. P1050173 Two male wheatears provided great views.

While scanning through the wags a jackdaw caught my eye, it had a bit of a northern jackdaw look to it, with a distinct white half-collar and darker front face. While not hugely well marked like a NE Europe bird would be, it stood out well beside the other jackdaws. Most likely another intergrade, perhaps a Scandi bird?P1050203P1050204P1050205

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