Frampton in the rain

15th April 2016

Wet wet wet.

I was reluctant to get out of the car so started off at the bottom car park, where I did a bit of scanning. Thought I was dreaming when a fine drake garganey filled my bins on my very first scan. Wow, what a start. Later on I checked to see if it was still there and found it accompanied by a female. I suspected there were three birds in total and this was confirmed by a very good birder I know, who saw two drakes together. Also picked up on my first scan were two fine spotted redshanks, now attaining breeding plumage.

After this I strolled round to the east hide. There were at least 20 white wagtails with more seen from the sea bank, around 30 altogether. There seem to be a lot of these about this spring. Also 8 yellow wagtails. A wheatear showed well.

Half way through the day things got interesting following a report of a red-rumped swallow at nearby Freiston shore. My communications network was certainly working very well, as I received info from three different sources simultaneously ! RSPB Simon burst out of the visitor centre to tell me that Paul Sullivan had the sighting and the bird was headed our way. Two texts came through, one from Paul, (many thanks) and one from birdguides. Skywatching was now the priority, sand martins, house martins and barn swallows were seen in small numbers but, sadly not the RR.

A couple of singing sedge warblers were my first ones this year. Little-ringed plovers are now here in force, 4 or 5 pairs seen.  Also first for the year,two whimbrels fed alongside the many curlews near the reservoir.The ever-present peregrine was getting very soggy, perched on a fence on the grassland. My Lincs. yearlist now up to 172.



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