You don’t see that every day!

Driving home on the A52 from Nottingham at around 3.35pm today and getting near the Allington / Stenwith turnings a ‘large shape’ on my left on top of the hedgerow caught my eye, I took a second glance before I passed and I said out loud to myself, ‘Bloody Harris Hawk!’

I stopped in the lay-by, safely of course and the bird then moved across the road to perch in a tree, I crossed the road with my iPhone in hand to the other lay-by it was perched next too. I took 4 photos 1 of which is below and Tweeted this pic.


I went home got my camera and headed out again not expecting to see the bird to be honest but it was in the same area but this time being mobbed over fields by half a dozen corvids.

I drove around and thought I had lost the bird but on my return drive along the road to Stenwith from the A52 I saw the bird in a tree and managed a few pice before it flew off to be once again mobbed by corvids it was lost in the distance in the direction of Casthorpe over the fields.






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