Ring ouzels

8th April 2016

I returned to the sheep field area quite early this morning after heavy overnight rain, to check through the wagtails again. As I walked down the track a flying large thrush caught my eye, landing on the hedge ahead of me. Ouzel !!, a cracking male. Wow, what a great jam-in. After perching up it flew into the solar panel farm. Twenty minutes passed before not one but two males flew up, flew around for a bit, landed briefly on the sheep field, flew around again, perched atop a distant tree before flying off towards the sewage works area. I had a good search of the horse paddocks and likely looking spots but didn’t re-find them.


There didn’t look to be many more wagtails in the sheep field than yesterday. The two ravens were still around, perhaps they’d got their eyes on a dead sheep. The seven pink-footed geese flew around.

A slow trickle of warblers is building up, a few blackcaps and a couple of willow warblers new in. At the small plantation just before the railway bridge, at least 30 lesser redpolls, some in breeding plumage, gave great views feeding  in the trees.

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