Gib 29th Mar 2016

Ben and me had another shot at seeing a firecrest and we got one-the sykes farm specimen showed very, very well. What a delightful little ball of colour and joy! Flippin hard to get a photo (without a proper camera).P1040973

Prior to that a seawatch produced a black-throated diver which we were really chuffed about. We are pretty sure we had one at the same place, distantly a couple of weeks back but weren’t sure as to it being a black throated or great northern, so we didn’t ‘tick’ it. We got onto today’s bird a lot better and were confident, it was great to grip this one back. Heading south was a kittiwake. 6 eiders 2 red breasted mergs and a great crested grebe were on the sea.

Five woodcocks flushed up from the west dunes. About 10 chiffchaffs were around. Raptors consisted of marsh harrier, peregrine, 2 kestrels, sprawk and 2 or 3 buzzards.

It was a great day as it stood, but we got even luckier. We were scanning the airspace looking for newly arrived hirundines when we picked up two COMMON CRANES flying southwest. Fantastic stuff, we had them in view for a full 12 minutes. I alerted the lads at Sykes farm and Frampton and birdguides incase anyone else was out birding to the south, but sadly I don’t think they were seen again.

My Lincs yearlist now on 157 sp.



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