Gib Point. 21st Mar 2016

A short seawatch wasn’t that exciting- 2 r b mergs, 2 r t divers, some cormorants and about 100 seals loafing on a sandbank. Best bird was a merlin over the sea.

A long search for a firecrest around the beach car park resulted in….mmm…. no firecrest. We did find plenty of goldcrests though, probably about 20 seen altogether.

A single, silent chiffy was seen and a couple of woodcocks flew up.

14 avocets looked immaculate on the freshwater marsh.

Near the hump 28 corn buntings perched up in a tree. Gib is now a reliable place for these, gathering here after they have been feeding in the area. One birder reported seeing up to 60 recently.

An early red admiral and a few bumblebees were great to see again.

A red kite was seen by a couple of other birders.

The new stilt-mounted visitor centre seems to be nearing completion. Looks good, there is a viewing area on the roof and they say the catering is going to be as before. Great cake, I remember.

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