Third time lucky.

Mon 29th  Feb 2016

After two previous visits to the Cleethorpes beach without finding it, I finally got to see the shorelark in the Buck beck area. Ben W and I were at Kirkby when we got a text from Andy Sims informing us that it was about 400m to the north. It showed very well, feeding confidently at close quarters, it’s small ‘horns’ noticeable at times. Gorgeous bird.


After this we drove further down the coast to see a couple of velvet scoters on the sea at Crook bank, Saltfleetby. Nige Lound alerted us to these earlier in the day. A fine male marsh harrier was spotted from the car. By the time we got there the light was beginning to fade and the tide was way out but they were still there, fairly close in. The two black specks in the photo are them! We had decent scope views, both appeared to be males.


Walking back across the vast expanse of exposed sand, Ben noticed a small passerine, then we saw more. It was getting dark now, the birds were snow buntings numbering about twelve. Although very close to us, they disappeared into the sand. Closer observation revealed that they were seemingly settling down to roost, individually, in the depressions made by human bootprints in the sand. Further inspection of a couple of the boot holes showed rough edges where, presumably the birds had moved sand with wings or feet to create a comfy roost scrape. They looked so cute! We were fascinated to make this discovery and left them to settle down. A woodcock flew across the road shortly after we left.

Lincs yearlist now 151.



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