Well, I can’t decide whether it was a good day or a bad day yesterday. My target birds were Lapland bunting and shorelark, but both were dipped.

What am I on about, of course it was a good day. They all are, just some better than others. Over four hours searching at Rimac didn’t produce the lap bunts sighting. However, I did get lucky with water pipits, a bird that has been eluding me lately. One showed well near a very wet, grassy area. It flew up high before landing way off near some pools. I found it again before it flew up again with a small party of five of them altogether. A bit later another showed nicely in a different spot, so perhaps six. Well nice.

There was a finch flock totalling well over a hundred. They were about a 50/50 mix of linnet and twite. A green colour ring on one of the twites indicated that it was from the Pennines ringing scheme but I couldn’t see any other colours so probably won’t find out any more information.

A pair of stonechats showed nicely near the carpark. Skylarks were on the saltings and in the dunes in good numbers. As I walked back across the wet grassland an impressive 14 little egrets had arrived from somewhere.

There was enough time to drive up to Cleethorpes to look for shorelark, but the weather had deteriorated and the light was going-no luck.

Stonechat and water pipit new for year. Lincs yearlist now 147.


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