North Lincs.

Mon 1st Feb 2016.

Another little drive round with Ben. We visited a couple of sites I’ve only been to once before. At a field near Knaith we searched for a common redpoll found by Dean Nicholson, that had been amongst a flock of up to 100 lessers. The flock was now much reduced, we noted one pale bird that looked a bit bigger but couldn’t be sure with distant views and in the near gale force conditions.

We headed further north to Messingham sand quarries, one of the few places in Lincs where willow tits are easy to catch up with. We met local birders Simon and Karen Spavin, who do a wonderful job of keeping the feeders stocked. A couple of willow tits were on the feeders and we found a few more in the scrub and trees. Simon was pleased that his feeders were attracting tree sparrows too. A kingfisher showed well. Strange how the south of Lincs has predominantly marsh tit, with willow rare, and vice-versa in north Lincs.


P1040587Carrying on northwards, Alkborough flats was reached. Ace local birder Neil Drinkall was in the hide. He’d seen a little and a med gull. A while later we got good views, both smart adults. A ringtail hen harrier made a swoop for a small bird in front of the hide. Snipes scattered. Two or three marsh harriers could be seen for most of the time we were there. Distantly, towards the Humber, great flocks of waders were being flushed up, mainly lapwings and golden plovers with a few avocets, which over-winter here. Flocks of geese including barnacles could also be seen moving around.

It was still blowing like mad when we headed for home. Took forever to get back, what with a car crash that had just occurred ahead of us and then finding the A15 blocked a bit further on. We were reminded what a big county Lincs is.

Lincs year list now 140 sp.



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