Fortune favours the brave.

Thurs 14th Jan 2016.

River Witham mouth, Cut End.

Poor conditions for humans=Good conditions for seawatching. Maybe. It was the coldest day of the winter so far, with rain, wind, snow and sleet.It was raw. I have been visiting here quite a bit just lately. You always seem to get not many birds but one or two good ones. Position was taken up at first light ready for the top o’ the tide. Little auk was one of my targets and over a short 45 minute spell at high tide, no less than nine of the little clockwork toy birds went South. A guillemot also travelled the same way, along with a couple of auks that I didn’t identify. The action was virtually over after this period, a few red breasted mergs, great crested grebes and pintails were about the best of it. A little later on a shag put in an appearance, firstly on the rocks on the Frampton side, then fishing in the river. A merlin kept me company, on and off all morning. Upon leaving the car park I had to brake sharply to avoid squashing a grey partridge.


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