What’s happening at Stainby then?

Today (Jan 29th) I took a drive over to the landfill site at Stainby this morning to see what was happening. It is very evident that with the site slowly closing down the changes this is making to the birdlife even taking into account the fact it was the weekend and no work at all was taking place the whole area around the site was pretty quiet.

I had several drives around the triangular shaped set of roads around the site first seeing a couple of Fieldfare high on a hedgerow on the Skillingthorpe Road, Woolsthorpe Road junction and got a photo of one bird from the roadside from my car.


The early sightings of my target bird for the day, the Red Kite; were distant with 2 birds drifting high above the centre of the landfill site along with some of the 100 or so mixed Gull species searching for food.


Corvids were a plenty all around both in the air and on the ground in fields. I was parked up at the west gate in my car preparing to get out to view the main pit with my bino’s when I heard the ‘cronk’ of a nearby Raven and nearby it was too; it flew about 20 feet above and to the right my car heading south, got a nice view of it as it continued to call in flight.

On one of my latter laps of the site with me thinking nothing of worth being seen to photograph a Buzzard landed in the now green field opposite the west gate which looks into the large pit. I stopped got out of my car and got a few pics of the bird as it took off and flew in a southerly direction towards Buckminster.







At the same time, I watched  60 odd Gulls and a lone Red Kite that were fighting the wind to stay above the hedge line bordering the tip where after about 10 minutes and a brief bit of time on the deck in the field the Red Kite decided it had had enough and drifted over the road to scavenge elsewhere, here the best Red Kite pics of the trip were achieved.



The last image below I think shows the Red Kite showing clearly its disdain in having its photograph taken as it looked down towards me!


So after me thinking not much would be seen it turned out to be an ok visit, my next plan to visit here is when winter finally gets here on a cold, frosty (even snowy!) fresh day.

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