Great Yarmouth Med Gulls

During the 2015 christmas break from work Karen and I decided to have a day over at Great Yarmouth Norfolk on December 29th, the sun was reported to be putting in an appearance too so off we went and of course my camera went along for the day out too!

The plan upon arrival (well my plan anyway!), was to go for a wander around the town, seafront to them get back for an hour on the beach seeing what photo’s of the Mediterranean Gulls could be achieved. The later visit to the beach in the afternoon meant the sun (if it was still out!) would be in the correct direction – behind me – for the taking of any photographs.

We had the wander, did a few shops and had a tray of chips for lunch (apparently it’s a local by-law here chips at the seaside 🙂 ) then made our way back to the car park in plenty of time for a Mediterranean Gull hunt, and for my wife to go into the amusements on the slot machines she enjoys, perfect plan for us both really eh? 🙂

Now the Great Yarmouth Mediterranean Gulls are virtually guaranteed in between the two piers on the beach and with folks regularly feeding all the Gulls around, Black Headed, Herring and the Mediterranean Gulls with chips you can with a little patience; get pretty close for photographs. I though headed onto the beach sat down a while and waited for birds to fly and hopefully land around me.

To cut a longer story short I got to see about 10 / 12 Mediterranean Gulls in about 50 minutes on the beach and managed the photos below. Hope you like them.









I always try to have a day out in the winter here to see these lovely birds and to be honest it is as easy a day birding you will get plus you get to have chips! 🙂

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