Almost unbelievable

There was a hobby at Marston today!! JAN 5th.

Phil Hyde was looking for the Siberian chiffchaff(found by Alex Lees, yesterday). I was with Spadge about a hundred metres away from Phil. We clocked a small raptor, I only had it in my bins for a couple of seconds. Just then Phil shouted Hobby! We thought What the…? We made the mistake of taking our eye off the bird, thinking that Phil had got the chiff, but no, he did shout hobby and he’d had a very good view of it and was in no doubt.  Nice one Phil! I couldn’t add much, my couple of seconds was a silhouette and heading into the sun. But we could tell it was definitely a smallish falcon sp., and was very hobbylike.

A short while after we all got a very good view of the chiff and it started calling. A couple of common chiffs were with it at one stage. Next up a single whooper swan came over, heading east. Three water rails, two singing cetti’s warblers and ten redpolls completed an amazing couple of hours. We were all well chuffed.


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