Nearly a ton photographed at Marston!

Over last few days I have been going through a growing selection of photo’s of the few species I have managed to capture with my camera during the last 5 years or so I have been involved in this great hobby.

It soon occurred to me that I must be close to 100 different species of bird by now, so I went through my archive – not a 5 minute job I can tell you! – and found out I am at 95 species, well it would be 96 if I could find the pics I got a few years back of a trio or Merlin when with Dave Roberts, but buggered if I can find the images I took. Maybe Dave and his excellent memory can assist me on that one? 🙂

I have put a new page on my website showing all 95 species photographed thus far, it can be seen here >> Some photo’s are far better than others (my OCD kicking in there!) but for me a nice record non the less I guess? Below are a selection of the photo’s showcased on the webpage listed above, hope you like.




Hen Harrier

little egret

meadow pipit

reed warbler

short eared owl



water rail



yellow wagtail

4 thoughts on “Nearly a ton photographed at Marston!

  1. Superb ! I think the trio of merlins you refer to were hobbys, along the Barkston rd? It was 25th May 2013 and your photos are in the library Cheers, Dave.

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