Last days’ holiday booked – what to do?

Today was my last single days’ holiday for 2015 and so what can I do with myself? Well after about 30 seconds deliberation I made a makeshift hide up in my garden ‘summer house’ to see if my pics of the 4 Lesser Redpoll could be acheived.

After just over 2 hours finishing at dinner time, well seemed a good time to stop!,  lots of Goldfinch, odd Greenfinch, Dunnock, Robin, Wren, Chaffinch and about 12 Blackbirds were seen with the Redpolls (2 birds) calling on two occasions only. The best image of a Redpoll can be seen below – don’t you hate it when this happens!, See below and it will make sense! LOL!


A selection of the Blackbird pics taken today are below …





Weather was ok so after dinner a visit to local patch Marston STW was on the cards, had not had the opportunity to meet up with the Greenland White Fronted Geese so I ventured out hoping the site would be quiet too, it was no one apart from me. Parked up and quickly saw about 40 Fieldfare high in trees on Viking Way. Lots of finch flocks about also mainly looked like Goldies.


I walked steadily round to Mill Lane keeping eye open for Stonechat but did not see one this time. Along the way a large group of Greylags was put up by something over at Mill Lane, don’t know what so I scanned as best I could to see if I could spot the WFG’s but nope nothing seen. After a couple of laps over the reedbed the birds settled in what I assumed would be the usual field at the end of Mill Lane.


On arriving at the Bridle path, Mill Lane junction I saw the Greylags immediately and began to scan the birds soon I was on the three WFG’s nice! I spent an hour on the roadside looking across the field, the birds were either kipping or eating (possibly doing other stuff at the back end too!).

Some of the birds were feeding and heading directly towards me so I was hoping for some ‘little bit closer pic’s’ but the target birds were moving parallel to Mill Lane so getting no closer. The four images below are quiet heavily cropped from the original files.





At the end of my visit the birds took to the air for one lap of the field they were in and as luck had it I was ready with the camera and got the trio of WFG’s in the shot. Look closely and you can see the three birds – honest! 🙂



When they settled down further away from me and behind them I counted 14 Curlew that were feeding right at the back of the field too. Photo below has one WFG centre with the Greylags and some of the Curlew in the background.


Pleased to have finally seen the Greenland White fronted Geese. Wonder how long they will stay? They do seem very happy with the area and the company and why wouldn’t they be?

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