Garden getting busier!

With the approach of winter in earnest my garden feeders holding sunflower hearts, niger seed & a general seed mix are getting more and more visitors.

Goldfinches have numbered around 60 this week, the most I can recall, 20 of these were on the deck picking up the stuff being dropped by others on the feeders plus I am sure more were in the trees at the bottom of my garden.


Then there are the Lesser Redpolls totalling 4 seen in the garden at once thus far, am hoping for more as the winter progresses as we have had up to mid 30’s in the past years, love these little fellas me! The photo’s I have got of these so far have been taken through the double glazing of my conservatory but I aim and hope to get better ones when garden birding this winter.


Yesterday before leaving to go to North Lincs for work for an afternoon shift I spotted a female Bullfinch feeding in trees at the end of my neighbours garden, I positioned myself on a plant pot so I could see over the fence and soon a male was seen also. they were feeding non stop on the berries on these trees – if anyone can tell me the tree species and or the berries names that would be great – but the pair of Bullfinches certainly liked them :).

Some images of the wonderful Bullies are shown below, shame that their beaks were loaded with surplus berry matter but that is just me and my OCD I guess?





Other regulars we are seeing at home are Blackbirds, Greenfinches, Great, Blue & Coal Tit, Robin, Dunnock, occasional Mistle Thrush and the Sparrowhawk that likes the food our garden provides for it on occasions – if it is fast enough!

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