Pale Buzzard, Dave R & a Stonechat

Having read Dave’s recent post on the pale Stainby Buzzard when we met up last week and also after contemplating our conversation that I should post a bit more. I thought I would put my pics taken on this day plus some from when I moved onto Martson STW.

I went to Stainby to see what Red Kites were about bearing in mind the work at the landfill site is reducing all the time with is closing down. I saw 2 birds at distance and got one pic only, seen below.


Skylarks were plenty both on the ground and in the air.


I drove around the site a couple of times before bumping into Dave R  and here we caught up after not seeing on another for a while. I was in my car looking at the pale Buzzard in the same roadside field that I had seen it before when I saw the familiar car and smiling face Dave always brings out with him!

We began to check out the bird together and the conversation turned to the topic that there has been the odd person apparently saying this pale Buzzard was a Rough Legged and so these pics confirm Common as said in past by Trev & Dave R. So I hope these images cancel that one out ….






We parted company as Dave was picking out the Yellow Legged Gulls in the Gull group a long way off in the landfill site and I moved onto Marston on a Stonechat hunt. Unusually the car park was full and there were even cars parked on the road close to the car park, “bugger this!” I said to myself and drove off and parked at the works end then walking up Viking Way on the lookout for a Stonechat or two!

Walking up Viking Way I saw 8 Lesser Redpoll and managed this photo.


I got to the bridlepath splitting the reed beds and met up with mate Chris G, a Lincoln birder, we had a chat and asked one another what we had seen, Chris told me the scrape was full to the brim with Greylag Geese so I decided not to bother venturing up there and after Chris and I parted company I focused my mind on the Stonechat hunt!

It took me about 10 minutes to see a distant male Stonechat, he moved quickly towards me on the bridle path assisted by the growing wind strength. He landed about 50 feet away, I nabbed a photo.


Then the bird then moved to within 6 feet of me (far too close for the long lens on my camera) for about 10 seconds then the wind took the bird into the willows in the centre of the last reed bed towards the work ends and then he was gone!

I managed a pleasing but again distant shot of a hunting Kestrel and then headed home.


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