Crag Martin twitch.

Chesterfield, crooked spire. Mon. 9th Nov. 2015.

This location gave a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘out in the field’. The field in this case being the busy town centre streets, the many twitchers dodging shoppers and causing great curiosity. Constant traffic, driving rain and the smell of pubs, coffee and cafes added to the atmosphere.

This bird , the 10th for the UK, was first seen yesterday by a local birder checking the spire for peregrines. Amazing that it was able to find food in the near gale conditions.

Having dipped on the Flamborough bird in Spring 2014, it was great to see this one zipping around the famous landmark. My scope blowing over wasn’t such a joy, the focus mechanism was kaput when I tried using it. Expensive, good job it’s itemised on my house insurance. Being without it for a while is a bit more of a pain.

Got some outstanding photos. Only joking, see if you can spot the ‘dot’.



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