Muston Meadows NNR and Marston

A wander around Muston meadows (just off the A52 before you get to Bottesford) was pleasant in the sunshine. The aim was to see the green-winged orchids. Despite being so near, I’d never actually visited before. The orchid colony apparently holds 10,000 specimens. We didn’t see anything like that number, maybe our visit was a couple of weeks late, lots of the orchids starting to go past their best and being swamped by taller flowers taking their moment.

These Natural England meadows are full of wild flowers, an unusual thing these days. A lovely place, and very refreshing to know there are still a few places left like this.


Also noted were grey partridges, yellowhammers, tree sparrow, hares and a painted lady butterfly.

Yesterday at Marston, hirundines and swifts were the main feature, a superb display of about 700 house martins were over the works, all the birds in the area must have been cashing in on a large hatch of flies. A couple of hundred swallows and 250+ swifts also. Cetti’s warbler sang out loudly and a couple of kingfishers darted along the river.


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