A week working around Teeside so ……..

A little birding was fitted in when not at work, sites visited all thanks to Joe S who met me and took me around one day, spot on mate 😉

Seaton Carew beach was first site looked at one evening and while my boss did his thing (metal detecting) I was off looking for birds not many seen in numbers I got the following pics.

SeatonSanderlingSanderling – lone bird this one

SeatonTernsSandwich & Little Tern – 8 Sandwich & 3 Little seen

SeatonRingPlovdRinged Plover – 3 seen

SeatonWhiThrobI walked around the dunes a little to hear lots of Whitethroats singing but none were showing photo below the best I got.

A first walk to the Hartlepool Headland was interesting with loads of Oystercatchers as you would expect up here I guess and walking a little further on towards the Heugh Battery I saw what initially I felt was about 25 Turnstones. Getting closer I saw Purple Sandpiper too, result!  I got pretty close too about 12 foot from the birds who were roosting on the pier at high tide.




The birds moved over to where we had walked to get the first views of the groups and I took a few shots from distance, reviewing them later I saw an odd bird in with the group, my Twitter mates later confirmed this was a winter plumage Knot, so good news that too!

HeadlandknotTurnstone, Purple Sandpiper & Knot in one shot 🙂

The day following I went back and got my first sighting of a wild Eider although he was kipping!


Met up with Joe and he took me around to some of the local spots in his Motorhome, very nice it was too. Thanks again mate 😉

I then went around some of these sites on my on when work done. I got a few decent pics from North Gare, Zinc Works Road and RSPB Saltholme.

North Gare

NthGareBrentGooseBrent Goose

NthGareHeronGrey Heron

NthGareMedPipMeadow Pipit

I got as close I ever have done to Wheatears too!NthGareWheatearb


Zinc Works Road

A female Stonechat was feeding 2 young that I saw, great stuff 🙂



RSPB Saltholme

Just had an hour here walked around nearest lake and got a couple of pics not much about really Little Egret was nice and close.


SalthomeComTernA good fisherman this Common Tern eh?

Maybe working here again over next few weeks so might get to see more of Teeside.





3 thoughts on “A week working around Teeside so ……..

  1. Hi, Nezzy. Very,very nice post and lovely photos, that ringed plover in mid-hop is soooo cute !. Great capture! Regards, Dave.

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