Frampton and the Witham mouth 20 May.

Decided on another stupid-o-clock start today, in fact I got there before sun up and was greeted with a sharp frost.

not a bad frost for 20th May!

First bird seen was a barn owl. There were hundreds of ringed plover and dunlins early on, before they moved out after the tide receded. Nothing overly extra-ordinary was recorded on my way to notching up 75 species, but plenty of birds around. My bird of the day was a black-necked grebe at the Witham and Welland mouths on the full tide, before drifting slowly north. A couple of gannets and sandwich terns went north. I have now had all five British grebes here in the last couple of years. There is quite often a decent bird or two sheltering in this area. A pair of eiders were close in.

moulting eider
distant black-necked grebe
black-necked grebe

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