Grantham birding

Some great birding, without having to travel far.


A cuckoo and a raven heard together was a splendid sound. 2 ravens seen.

Little owl was in his usual tree in the park.

Barn owl hunted the grassland.

Plenty of warblers, with garden warbler in full song.

Barkston airfield and area 51.

4 curlews.

A hobby chased a swift briefly.

4 wheatears.

Lesser whitethroat.

Ancaster. Waterwell lane.

Corn bunting.

4 grey partridges.


Lesser whitethroat.

Swifts, sand martins, house martins, swallows.

At Woodland waters a great crested grebe was carrying stripy babies on her back-already!

I had another one of those mysterious chiffchaffs, a very pale bird, strange for the time of year, like a sibe type. It was singing , ‘sip, sup, sip, sup, sip’. I was close to the bird, it seemed a lot lower volume and gentler a sound than normal.


Lesser whitethroat and garden warbler.

Swifts, swallows, house martins and sand martins.

Other stuff. Red kite seen at 3 sites. Kingfisher along R.Witham. Lots of buzzards about.



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