Ouzel search.

It’s a year ago today I found the pair or ring ouzels at Marston, so decided to spend some time checking all the likely spots in the area. There has been a tremendous number of sightings across the land in the last few days so a decent chance.

I didn’t get lucky but did stumble across a part leucistic blackbird at Belton house. This beauty has been around a while. You may remember Joe Stockil’s post on here (14/04/2014). I was keen to see if it had developed any more white in the feathers, a condition known as progressive greying, where the bird can become all white in some cases.

flickr 63
Taken by Joe Stockil 14/04/14
flickr 62
Taken by Joe Stockil 14/04/2014

Comparing Joe’s pic to mine, not a great difference but it does indeed seem to be a bit whiter than before, around the chin and cheeks. Also a couple of new white fringed feathers on the flanks. I will be watching it to see if it changes any more.

Taken 11/04/15


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