Marston – first visit in a while

I went for a couple of hours to MSTW about 11am to see what was about, in short not a lot so ended up planting myself awaiting for the Water Rails to show, they did not dissapoint I saw 6 in total.

Reed Buntings, mainly males, were also feeding on the same larvae/ flies in the water as the Rails. I got more than a few pleasing shots, possibly me best WR pics thus far. A few from each species mentioned can be seen below.

Reed BuntingMSTWReedBunt




Water RailMSTWWaterRailr





I also noticed differences in the rear end of the Water Rails has anyone else noticed this or is it  just me? 😉 3 pics below on this topic.




Not much else around really about 6  Bullies moved up and down the main hedge along Viking Way (on wrong side for a pic as you would expect!) and when back at my car about 20 Linnets were bathing in puddles next to the road. Vocal Cettis Warblers were heard in 3 different locations in the reed bed.


3 thoughts on “Marston – first visit in a while

  1. Hi Steve. Great rail pics they are superb to study here at the moment aren’t they? The differences are all to do with ageing of the birds. Found this absolutely superb article which should show you everything you need to know, regards Dave.

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