52 Species before breakfast.

Marston stw. 14/03/2015 06:45-0900

There is a fairly good selection of birds to be had at the mo, and a good walk around produced a patchtastic 52 birds. The most I’ve ever recorded in a day is 58, I think,  so over 60 should be possible when the migrants arrive.

The Egyptian goose that Steve found yesterday was still with the greylag flock. This is only the third occasion I’ve seen one here. Also with the flock were two pinkfeet and a greylag/Canada hybrid. They seem to have the bird scarer sussed as they seemed pretty unconcerned about the occasional very loud bang very nearby. A dead (shot?) greylag was in the field the other day.

Other highlights included a silent chiffchaff, different bird from last weekend’s pale specimen. It was staying close to a goldcrest. The water rails are still putting on a show, eight seen. Cetti’s warbler gave a loud burst of song. Little egret flew along the river and a green sand was at the works end, along with ten curlews ( there have been up to 48 around), and a pair of oystercatchers.P1010817P1010818P1010816



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