Khao Lak Thailand – bird habitat

I thought you may be interested to see the types of habitat the birds in my previous Thai post were seen in.

IMG_2880-2The view from our hotel room was typical of the grounds and Chinese Pond Heron, Common Tailorbird, Brown Throated Sunbird, Spotted Dove & Coppersmith Barbet were regularly seen from this vantage point.

The only pool was a place where Black Naped Oriole came into the palms daily, Common Myna were scavenging for food and the only time I saw the lovely pair of Orange Bellied Flowerpeckers were seen low in the vegetation surround the sunbeds.

We like to walk away from the crowds to often find places like this where above our heads Chestnut Headed Bee-eaters, Brahminy Kite, Ashy Drongo were seen all the time. The lower bird life was dominated by Bulbuls, Yellow Vented and Streak Eared being in the largest numbers.

This was Brown Backed Shrike territory with Peaceful Doves and Spicefinches feeding in the seeding grasses.

This path lead back to the main road of the resort and along here Greater Coucal more Coppersmith Barbets and a single sighting of a Taiga Flycatcher.

Waterways were often like this close to the urbanised areas but even here Eurasian Tree Sparrows and Common Kingfishers were seen feeding and survung alongside this murky water.

This open scrubland was right next to our hotel, in fact you can see on the left the roofs of some other hotel chalets. Here nervy White fronted Kingfishers thrived, I saw 4 at one time. More Ashy Drongo and a 5 minute spell with a lovely life tick, a Grey headed Pygmy Woodpecker was spent. Also here we saw two Thai gentlemen one under a tree and the other away from the tree near his car with a small cage at the ready and a large golf club to hand!! I never asked them what they were after as I am sure a belt around the head from the 3 wood would have followed. I think and hope they never caught anything.

Seeing caged birds is not unusual by any means in Thailand and I saw the following species while on holiday …IMG_3116-2Red Whiskered Bulbuls – very common songbird kept in cages.

White Rumped Sharma – first time I had seen this species in a cage.

This Asian Fairy-bluebird was singing its wonderful song all the time in cage next to a small supermarket and I could not believe I was seeing one, again for the first time in a cage.

This section adjacent to the beach 5 minutes from the front of our hotel had a pair (true pair? not sure) of Collared Kingfishers and the tall trees had Common Iora, Vernal hanging Parrots and not forgetting Pacific Swallows filling the air above the trees.

This little lake was next to the area the Collared Kingfishers lived and thrived and here I saw up close, Yellow Bittern, Blue Whistling Thrush and Collared Scops Owl.

I had my first ever guided day birding in Thailand, this was with Ike Suriwong a knowledgeable chap from Phuket about 90 minutes from the resort I was stopping in.

We started out at Sri Phang Nga National Park with the aim of seeing and hopefully photographing Banded Pitta and Chestnut Headed Forktail.


IMG_2367-2Straight away upon arrival in the car park to sign in we saw Forest Wagtail, Black Crested Bulbul, Grey Bellied Bulbul, Chestnut Bellied Malkhoa, Blythe’s Hawk Eagle and loads more! We moved onto the second stop point to prepare t move to the main target bird ‘stakeouts’ here, Black-and-yellow Broadbill, Orange-breasted Trogon were seen high in the trees, Naked Hornbills called in the distance. Wow what a place and we had not even got to the hide location.

Ike and I crossed a small river a few times to get to the first hide location to see if the Forktails would show.

Personal 1 man hides in place – awaiting the birds!

IMG_2375-2My view looking from the hide for the Chestnut Headed Forktails.

IMG_2378-2Above a much darker view from the Banded Pitta location and much harder to photograph in too, for the first time ever I used flash to get the photos as you have seen. Here Abbotts Babbler, White Rumped Sharma and Siberian Blue robin were seen too, WOW again!

IMG_2397-2Last photo in another long blog shows a very happy Nezzy AKA Lincssnapper with guide Ike stunning country, stunning birds, stunning day, stunning holiday I hope we go back soon! 😉

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