Few pics from Thailand (Khao Lak) – well over 40!

Got around to posting a few images from my recent holiday to Khao Lak, Thailand and what a holiday, great family time had and for me personally my best birding experience thus far, in Thailand and possibly anywhere.

I saw well over 80 species while away which is nearly 3 times more than I normally see when in Thailand. this may well be down to the different time of year, we normally go in august (their rainy season) but this time it was in their dry season. Out of the 80 odd species seen I had at least 40 life ticks and some right belters too!  I had a day our with a Thai birding guide Ike which was wonderful!

So in no particular order are the photo’s hope you like them and if you see any miss identified please do let me know. Can you guess my top bird out of these below?

KhLaChPoHeron Chinese Pond Heron – loads seen all over – lifer for me

Collared Kingfisher – a pair within 5 minutes of our hotel on beach

KhLaComMynaCommon Myna – pretty common as the name suggests – all over the shop!

Coopersmith Barbet – never seen so many + witnessed a pair mating.

Orange Bellied Flowerpecker – 1 pair seen in hotel grounds

Stripe Throated Bulbul – few around with young birds seen too.

Streaked Eared Bulbul – very abundant and loud

Eurasian Tree Sparrow – all around, scrawnier than our birds here.

Abbott’s Babbler – lifer for me seen @ Sri Phang Nga national park.

KhLaBarnOwlBarn Owl – seen 1 day only in hotel grounds in tree next to hotel spa.

KhaoLakYelVentBulbulYellow Vented Bulbul – all around

KhaoLakYelBitternYellow Bittern – seen in small lake 2 minutes from hotel entrance – lifer for me

KhaoLakTurnstoneTurnstone – seen at Cape Pakarang (wader hotspot)

KhaoLakTicknellFlycatcherTaigia Flycatcher – seen for 10 seconds only in resort – lifer for me

KhaoLakTerekSandpiperTerek Sandpiper – 10 or so seen at Cape Pakarang – lifer for me

KhaoLakSwiftletGermains Swiftlet – I think?

KhaoLakSpotWoodOwlSpotted Wood Owl – seen in Thai Muang – lifer for me

KhaoLakSpicefinchSpicefinch – seen around resort in grassy areas

KhaoLakPeacefulDovePeaceful Dove – dotted around the trails in resort

KhaoLakPacSwallowPacific Swallow – all around

KhaoLakOriMagRobinOriental Magpie Robin – pretty common and vocal

KhaoLakLilEgretLittle Egret – seen at Cape Pakarang

KhaoLakGyHdPygmyWoodGrey Headed Pygmy Woodpecker – seen close to hotel – lifer for me

KhaoLakGrWagtail3Grey Wagtail – 1 bird seen on dirty stream near a hotel

KhaoLakGrtrSandploverGreater Sand Plover – seen at Cape Pakarang – lifer for me

KhaoLakForestWagtailForest Wagtail – lifer for me seen @ Sri Phang Nga national park.

KhaoLakCurlewEurasian Curlew – 15 counted at Cape Pakarang

KhaoLakComTailorbirdCommon Tailorbird – seen all around resorts visited

KhaoLakComKingfishCommon Kingfisher – 6 different birds seen in 4 different locations.

KhaoLakColScopOwl3Collared Scops Owl – lifer for me – family of 5 living above our hotels security hut!

KhaoLakCheHeadBeeEaterbbChestnut Headed Bee-eater – small groups seen regularly.

KhaoLakBrThrSunbird2Brown Throated Sunbird – most common sunbird seen on holiday.

KhaoLakBroBackShrikeBrown Backed Shrike – pair seen only 5 minutes form our hotel

KhaoLakBrahKite2Brahminy Kite – seen daily

KhaoLakBluWhiThrushBlue Whistling Thrush (young bird) Seen close to hotel entrance – lifer for me

KhaoLakBlNapeOrioleBlack Naped Oriole – seen around resort, pic taken by hotel pool.

KhaoLakBlCrBulbulBlack Crested Bulbul – – lifer for me seen @ Sri Phang Nga national park.

KhaoLakAsGlosStarlingAsian Glossy Starling, small groups seen all over.

KhaoLakAsBroFlycatcherAsian Brown Flycatcher – lifer for me single birds seen around resort.

KhaoLakAmer-PacifGoldPloverAmerican or Pacific Golden Plover?? – lifer for me either way – several seen at Cape Pakarang


ChesNapeForkChestnut Naped Forktail – lifer for me seen @ Sri Phang Nga national park.


BandPitta3Banded Pitta – lifer for me seen @ Sri Phang Nga national park.

I will do anther post in a day or so showing the habitat and a few more birds pics once I have edited these, hope you liked this long post sorry about that!


6 thoughts on “Few pics from Thailand (Khao Lak) – well over 40!

  1. Fine set of pics Steve.. the Peaceful Doves I would enjoy to see, love that blue eye ring with extensions. Spotted Wood Owl and Blue Thrush being my other favs… I’ll guess the Banded Pitta for your fav… :scratch head: now I wonder where I get that from..! 🙂

  2. Fantastic! Knowing your fancies I’ll say brahminy kite and spicefinch were your faves. Forest wagtail and the owls for me. Cheers, Dave.

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