RSPB Frampton.

Gordon Bennet!, it was cold there today in the strong wind. Well worth it though, loads of birds. The water pipit fed around the reservoir edge, thousands of birds filled the wet grassland; wigeon, brent geese, golden plover, lapwing and dunlin making up the bulk. 600 pinkfeet were on the approach to the reserve, along with a common buzzard.

A big, fat peregrine (hardly surprising considering it’s larder), sent everything berserk before sitting on the ground. It was a good day all round for raptors, towards dusk John Badley and myself had a good raptor watch on the saltmarsh. 2 male hen harriers, 1 poss 2 females, 3 marsh harriers, at least 2 merlins made great entertainment. I witnessed some very interesting interaction between a male hen harrier and a merlin. The merlin was staying very close to the harrier, following it all over the place and flying above it, as if waiting for prey to be flushed up. A good partnership I think, or a very clever merlin. Nature at it’s best.

A small flock of twite were on the saltmarsh along with plenty of rock pipits.

Earlier, at the Witham mouth, birds on the sea were: eider 15, red-breasted merganser 4, goldeneye 2, gt crested grebe 2.

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