Marston reed warbler, 31/12/2014

Well, just one last look around the patch today. I was hoping for one more bird to add to the tally for the year. (Last year 117 sp. This year 116). I was thinking along the lines of a siskin or perhaps a short-eared owl, but the bird I found at the edge of the reedbed was the last thing on my mind, I mean, a reed warbler on the last day of December- mental!!

The bird was very obliging and kept returning to the same spot.My immediate thoughts were that it was an acro warbler. I called one or two of the local lads for assistance and we all got good views. It did appear to be a bit paler on the back, wings and rump areas compared to European reed warbler, ( no rufous ),discussion turned to whether it could be of an Eastern form fuscus (Caspian). I got a few pics, Matt Laing and Alex Lees got some much better ones. I think Matt may put pics on here later.

All the usual suspects were around, but this reminded me what patch birding was all about. Hopefully I’ll be the first bloke in Britain to get reed warbler on his year list for 2015. See you in the morning.

P1010296P1010297P1010298P1010299P1010300P1010301 P1010302P1010304P1010307P1010309P1010310P1010311P1010314P1010315P1010317P1010318P1010319

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