Snowy at Denton res.

The nearly all white black-headed gull was back on Denton res this morning, quite a surprise as the last time I saw it was 28/11/2012. (search archives). Seemed even whiter than then in the bright light.

It was as white as a snowball on the mantle, head and wings, apart from the tips. Very pretty looking bird, hope you agree.


There were no red-crested pochards today. A single goldeneye, 2 grey wags and 2 kingfishers seen.

It was midday as I made my way home from the res, I’d got plenty of pre-Christmas chores to do. A text came from birdguides. Everything would have to wait, a Blyth’s pipit had been found not too far away at Calder wetlands, W Yorks! There was no way I was going to miss this chance as I somehow managed to dip seeing the one on Scillies when I was there recently. Arriving at two o clock, I was just in time to see the bird in flight, as some birders decided to do an organised flush. Several more good flight views were had and then it perched up briefly. A great find by local patcher Jonny Holliday.

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