Bit of an Easterly = seawatching

Witham mouth. Chilly, Easterly breeze.

Arriving while the tide was in, there was plenty of wildfowl on the move. Several skeins of up to 200 pinkfeet headed over towards Norfolk. A superb flock of 55 whoopers flew over me, heading the same way- marvellous. Later on another group of 13.

The seawatching was rubbish to start with, just a couple of eiders, a couple of great-crested grebes and a few seals popping up every now and then. Things improved around mid-morning when the tide started to fall and the wind got up a bit. The next hour or two wasn’t bad and I finished with a half decent list. Most birds North;

Juv. gannets 11

Arctic skua

Great skua

Common scoter 9

Red-throated diver (south)

Auk sp.

Eider 5

Drake scaup, on the water, directly out from Tabb’s head

Teal 20

Brents, wigeons and waders flying about a lot.

After lunchtime it all went quiet again.

Merlin and marsh harrier showed well on the saltmash.

In the bushes were a chiffchaff and a couple of goldcrests. A male stonechat was near the car park.


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