The trip over on the big white sick bucket yielded 3 bonxies, a sooty shear and a few balearics, lots of gannets and a stormie. Replenished stocks of rennies and gaviscon, not doing much for the rest of the day.

On our first full day here we enjoyed a nice stroll around St. Mary’s. There were no rares around but a large influx of wheatears built up during the day. I counted nearly fifty around Peninnis, but reckon this was only a fraction of the total. With them was a friendly snow bunting.


A couple of days island hopping ensured that I missed the Blyth’s pipit on St. Mary’s. Never mind, St. Agnes, Gugh and Tresco didn’t disappoint. While looking for a short-toed lark on St. Agnes (which I also dipped on), I found a lovely leucistic house sparrow. I had now given up looking for the lark. Well, you know I’m a sucker for oddly plumaged birds! A peregrine flushed everything just before it was time to head back for the boat.


A visit to the impressive Tresco abbey gardens produced a firecrest. A 1st winter med gull was on the great pool, along with 21 greenshanks and a couple of water rails. In the pub was one Bill Oddie. The return trip produced a puffin sitting on a tiny island and 7 sandwich terns on another. Large rafts of shags were offshore. Swallows are still around in small numbers.



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